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Hello my name is Gary Metsker. I started in photography in Junior High School. My Mom was trying to distract me from joining the cross country running team by giving me a B & W darkroom set-up from Sears. It worked. I was active in photography through High School as Yearbook Photo Editor and Head Photographer for the school paper. In college I learned how to develop color film and make color prints.

I Have an AA in Photography and a BA in Industrial Manufacturing. When I was younger I photographed Weddings and did a lot of portraits along with some commercial work.

Bonnie and I got married and spent the next 25 years raising our family . In 2004 my dad gave me a Cool Pix digital camera and I was again hooked.

I currently use Nikon DSLR's, Speedotron Studio Lighting, Epson large format printers, and Adobe Photoshop with various Plug-In's for Postproduction.

Take a look at my Galleries to see my current work.

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Gary and Bonnie